Asia Offshore LLC Company Management
Your Passion.  Our Team.  Your Company.
SinoFilings™ maintains permanent, administrative offices fully equipped with state of the art computer and communications equipment. Our highly qualified professional staff has several decades of cumulative experience in serving the needs of individual clients based around the world. While it is not necessary to visit us personally in order to structure your offshore company, our clients are always welcome to visit us at our office.

We offer a full range of offshore services for the incorporation of offshore companies, opening of offshore bank. Our integrity has been proven through our quality personal service to our clients.

Contact SinoFilings™ to solve your management problems. We have handled affairs for busy executives for many years. Just let us know what services you need.

Our specialist team:

  • Retains well-established affiliations with local agents in each jurisdiction
  • Maintains an experienced staff with knowledge of legal requirements in each jurisdiction
  • Guarantees that all filing fees and documents are up-to-date and notifies clients of all compliance changes
  • We are NOT tax planners or advisers and as such cannot give advice to clients regarding the advantages / disadvantages of offshore structures and jurisdictions.


A special offshore company management package for expats and individuals working overseas, employed by their own offshore company.

Includes: Mailing Address (PO Box), Invoicing Services, and Basic Account Maintenance.


  • Virtual Office Services
    A physical mailing address, phone and/or fax numbers for your virtual office in a variety of locations worldwide.

  • Mailing Address

  • A mailing address, with mail forwarding, for your general business correspondence in a variety of locations worldwide.

  • Banking Address

  • Many individuals wish to have bank correspondence sent to our offices both because they may be travelling extensively and for privacy reasons. This includes account statements, debit/credit slips, etc. These can be forwarded to you by mail, fax, email or courier or can be held in our office pending your instructions.

  • Basic Account Maintenance (Includes Banking Address)

  • Tracing bank transfers, depositing cheques, liaison with your offshore bank, account or credit card information by phone, fax or email

  • Corporate Services

  • Corporate matters such as amendments to the Articles, resolutions, change of share capital, bylaw amendments, certified copies of documents, power of attorney, certificates of good standing, contractual requirements, etc. 

  • Nominee Account Signatory

  • Acting upon your instructions, the nominee will sign checks, pay bills and handle other banking matters.

  • Other Services

  • Document safekeeping, safety deposit boxes, etc.
Hong Kong A well known international jurisdiction. Not classified as a "tax haven". Tax free if no business is done in Hong Kong. Gateway to China.
China Start with a Virtual Office (VO) in Asia's largest market. An VO will allow you to make contacts, promote your products, conduct marketing campaigns, research sourcing, joint ventures, and more.
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